Emergency TopUp Service

By | March 14, 2020

Never run out of data again.

What is emergency topup service?
Telkom prepaid and Topup customers get immediate access to airtime or data credit and pay later with the next recharge.There are two options to choose from:-data or airtime.

Who is the service available to?
– Telkom prepaid and topup customers, but not postpaid customers
– To be qualified prepaid and topup customers must be active on Telkom network for at least three consecutive months, have recharged their Telkom prepaid or TopUp account with an equal or higher amount than the amount they are requesting
– Have registered fro RICA.

The emergency topup airtime is available in R10 and R20 while for Emergency Data topup is available in:-
30MB for R5
50MB for R8
100MB for R12