Moneygram send transaction at ATM

By | July 5, 2018

To do a MoneyGram send transaction at any FNB ATM, insert your card at the ATM and key in your ATM card PIN, choose More Options and then select Send or Receive Money and follow the prompts as stated below:-

→ Select ‘MoneyGram Send’
→ Read and accept the MoneyGram Terms and Conditions
→ SA residents can send and receive money as a gift (select ‘Send Gift’). Foreign nationals can send and receive money as a salary or gift (select relevant option)
→ Select the beneficiary
→ Select the service option (the currency the beneficiary should receive)
→ Select the fee option
→ Key in the amount to be sent
→ Select the account to send the money from
→ Enter your cell number
→ Verify the on-screen information and select ‘Proceed’
→ The quote screen displays the exchange rate, fee and amount to be debited from your account. The quote is valid for two minutes.
→ Select ‘Accept’.

You are done with MoneyGram Send transaction

You will receive an SMS with the reference number.