Prepaid Services – Electricity

By | October 21, 2019

How to buy prepaid Electricity using your smartphone

STEP 1: From your cellphone Dial *120*321#. From the screen that appears select/enter option 1 (Buy). Follow the prompt and choose option 4 which is electricity. Choose option 1 “Buy Electricity”. Select the meter number for which you want to buy electricity. If you select New, you will be prompted to enter the meter number.

How Prepaid Meters work.

In modern world, electricity consumers can track down the usage of their electricity by use of prepaid meters. Prepaid meters are able to count the flow of electricity used in KWH. The meter balance decreases as the consumer uses electricity, and there is an LED light on the meter that flashes as electricity is consumed, thus alerting the consumer that the prepaid amount is being depleted.